Where to start…

If you’re like me and you fear getting lost in my humble little blog – DON’T PANIC! Why not try the suggestions below to get started?

Are you into reading, like me? Perhaps you are a student, and should really be doing some sort of work or revision now? Or, on the other hand, you have stumbled across my blog because of science and a keen eye for knowledge, there is plenty to start reading. Whatever your reason, I am glad you have stumbled across my blog – Welcome!

Simply click on the realm (or category) you’d like to read into on the right hand side and read away to your heart’s content! Alternatively, all of my blog can be accessed from my most important page – the contents! Just click on the post title that grabs your fancy and read on!

There is just one more thing. New to 2017, I have decided to become a more outgoing blogger. That means going the extra mile for my friends and followers. See what I’m up to by following thecleverowl_blog on Instagram or let your voice be heard in the comments. Keep up with the latest by following me (blogger or not) by typing in your email address in the follow section to the right.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Why not have a try yourself?!?

-The Clever Owl


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