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Summer Fun?

I joke, but summer isn’t just a time for fun in the sun. When you’re thinking of University, careers and other scary stuff, it’s important to remember summer is a golden time to boost those CVs/Personal Statements. I’m not suggesting work all summer – that is no fun. Maybe look into a couple and keep your eye out for applications opening for 2018. There is no harm trying!


Nuffield Placements – A fabulous way to experience life in research and industry. These placements are offered in STEM and some social sciences. Nuffield source you a placement, reimburse you for travel costs and give you the opportunity to make links with amazing people. I’m currently on my Physics Nuffield Placement now (more on that in future posts), and I can’t tell you enough what an amazing opportunity this is!

Summer Schools & Access Programmes – I know, its hard to think about the dreaded universities! But whilst you are researching future universities (I’d suggest doing a little digging in the summer after Year 11, but before College) take a look at what they are offering you now. It may be reduced grade boundaries after completing certain schemes, summer schools to sample Uni life, or scholarships. Doing your research will make your life easier later on, plus it could open doors to opportunities you may have missed!

Extra Stuff – The last thing you’ll probably want to do is do extra work on your break. However, choosing to study a little will boost your applications, and knowledge, and avoid loosing your ability to think over summer. (We’ve all been there!) Why not take a look at FutureLearn, a site that enables you to choose a short course of your choice and receive qualifications from a University or certified centre in the process. Or, take a look at free lectures, museums & galleries, or a scientific paper to advance your knowledge.

Let me know how you get on. I’m happy to answer any questions or give further advice – just let me know in the comments below!                  – The Clever Owl


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