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Exam Prep

We have hit exam season – students are stressing, past papers are mounting and invigilators are practising the rules and regulations (well, I imagine they do!). Hopefully, fellow students, you aren’t floundering under the pressure. I also hope that you are feeling prepared. However, just in case you aren’t, here’s what I pack for my exams…


So you might have read previously that I pack everything I might ever need for all of my exams in one pencil case (if you missed this, why not read my last minute exam advice!). I do this for a couple of reasons. The main reason is to avoid unnecessary stress on the night before every exam, trying to remember what you need and locate it all. Pack it all in a big, clear pencil case at the start of exam season – this way you don’t forget anything, don’t add unnecessary stress trying to find a protractor the night before, and can focus on the important stuff. Don’t take anything out till the end of your exams.

In my pencil case, I pack:

Several Pens (in case one runs out mid-essay), several pencils (all sharp), a sharpener (in case I make all of my pencils blunt or need one extra sharp to draw a graph), a calculator (scientific, of course!), a spare calculator (better to be safe than sorry!), protractor (you might not need one, depending on which exams you’re taking), a ruler and a rubber (big must have!). You might decide to pack a highlighter (to highlight key words in questions or quotes in an extract) or coloured pencils (tends to be necessary for media exams). I must stress to CHECK YOUR EXAM BOARD. I might not have covered everything, and the equipment requirements vary from board to board.

That’s it from me. I wish you all the best of luck for your exams and hope to hear about your success in the summer. Be prepared, keep calm and show off – YOU CAN DO THIS!

 – The Clever Owl xx




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