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Last Minute Exam Advice

Students Assemble!

Exam Season is upon us, and to be quite honest, I’m a little nervous this time for my AS exams. It’s normal to get nervous for exams. It’s not good to get overly-stressed or panic-y. Here are some quick tips to ensure things run smoothly on the day and you can focus on the important stuff: acing your exam!

Read Examiners’ Reports. Especially in essay based subjects like English and Humanities, having a little glimpse into the insight and thinking that goes behind marking is brilliant. After completing a past paper, take a look where others have commonly gone wrong and where you can improve. Little things like adding an example after every time you write “quality of life” in Geography can ensure top marks from picky examiners.

Clear Pencil Cases at the Ready! Pack everything you’ll ever need for all of your exams. This will stop the stress when you get home of unpacking and repacking your stuff each night, trying to find your equipment and possibly forgetting something you’ll need for the next day. Simply pack everything in one clear pencil case, and take the pencil case with you into all of your exams. Then all you have to do is take out individual equipment you’re likely to use when you are sat at your desk.

Mint. As you’re sat at your desk, waiting for everyone to file in, that’s when you can get a little nervous. I always put a mint in my mouth before heading into an exam, because not only will I have minty breath, but I have something to focus my attention on whilst I’m sat waiting. My simple trick to combat nerves!

Candidate Number. A pesky series of random numbers that identifies you from everyone else in the country sitting an exam. To avoid stress trying to learn it last minute outside the exam hall, be forward-thinking. Ask your teacher or exam coordinator for your Candidate Number before the exam season and set it as your phone pin (if you can). Therefore you learn your number easily and reduce on-the-day stress.

Good luck to everyone sitting exams this year. Go out and smash it! I’d love to know how they go, and I’m here for any last minute advice – let me know in the comments below or via Instagram.

 – The Clever Owl



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