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Owl Online – Memrise

Language. I’m going to try to avoid starting the debate about the importance of learning languages. About the ability to communicate in a person’s mother tongue rather than assuming they can speak yours. It’s developing a respect for others and their culture. It’s also a wonderful skill to develop.

But rant over (sorry – I said I wasn’t going to!). Whether you’re learning a foreign language for business, to travel or because you have to (cue exam-related huff!), I have found an app to help!

I love Memrise. I’ll be honest; I found out about Memrise a couple of weeks before my french exam. However, I have continued my french studies past GCSE and I couldn’t think of a better way to learn a language. Whatever your reason, learning a language is SO HARD and there is a mountain of content that takes you a year to cover before you can say a sentence. No need. Everyone’s lives are far too busy to properly sit down and take on extra work. Instead, simply download the Memrise app and complete five minutes of new words, revision of old content, extra help when you’re stuck and speed reviews. Select the topic to learn or work through it all – you’ll cover the breadth of a language in no time!

I only have one complaint. For languages dependant on characters rather than letters – such as Japanese Kanji – Memrise isn’t brilliant. OK, you learn to identify the characters and what they stand for in English, but you don’t practice writing them yourself.

Overall, Memrise is great. It’s about investing your time early to improve your grade, widen your world and develop your character. Let me know what you think!


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