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On Tour – Part Deux

Touch down in Geneva. Landing was

The Palais (UN Headquarters)

certainly… interesting! Descending through very low
lying clouds and wondering when you’ll see the ground is very unnerving to say the least. However we have arrived and (after a free train journey to the city centre and a 10 minute amble whilst wrestling with a suitcase) we make it to Geneva Youth Hostel.

For a youth hostel, it’s pretty impressive. Thee building itself is quite cool, with an almost futuristic feel to the reception and hallways. However, you can’t help but snuggle down in your room as if you’re home.

Our first stop is a chocolatiers called Stetller. No more needs to be said, really –                                                               swiss chocs + teens = guaranteed success!

Now, the UN is in a different league entirely. After getting slightly lost and receiving directions off several unamused security guards, several different times, we reach our tour guide. The reception doesn’t give you any clues about what lies ahead: colossal wall murals, endless hallways lined with conference room after conference room, not to mention the staggering number of chairs everywhere (no one will be short of a seat on their visit to the UN!)

Salle XX – Cool, right?

My favourite room BY FAR has to be Salle XX. Created by Spain, your eyes are instantly drawn to the ceiling.

Cool, right? Even cooler when you’re told that the meetings held in Salle XX are responsible for human rights and the fundamental entitlements we are all allowed as human beings. Just think – with 193 countries (out of 195) part of the UN, the decisions made within those walls shape the world we live in dramatically. It’s no wonder the Palais and headquarters of the United Nations took my breath away.


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