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A small stretch of land…

Isn’t it funny how attached we become to such small and insignificant things in our everyday lives? For some, it’s some battered highlighters that are getting them through their exam revision. For others, it’s a broken or tattered belonging left behind by a loved one. For me, I’ve had the revelation that a stretch of road means quite a lot to me.

My stretch of land is a motorway. An insignificant 5 minute drive that can be a misery for some or a breeze for others. It’s only two junctions worth of road, but it’s a second home to me. Any time we drive along it, I either know I’m heading to Trafford or heading home. Both are equally as good.

I’ve travelled along it all my life. I might be heading to visit family, shopping at the Trafford Centre, heading to cubs or going to my Mum’s dance club: it’s all there. My second life.

I could tell you everything that it runs past. A football grounds, two dilapidated billboards Β (they haven’t changed for years), the sewage plant, the AJ bell Stadium (both a pain!).

I could tell you everything I oversee. Manchester City Centre on the way there. Winter Hill on the way back. Roadworks – there and back. The bustling Trafford Park on the way there. The quaint, peaceful cemetery on the way back.

My life is very much entangled to this stretch of road. Whether it’s choked with traffic or a blissful sail back home, it will always mean something to me.

What about you? Where or what in the world means a lot to you? (No people included – of course my family means more to me than the M60!!) I’d love to know xx


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