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Too…much…to…learn… :(

Your workload is mountain-high. You’re feeling the pressure. Now your teacher is giving you more stuff to learn. Brain…is…turning…to mush! It’s safe to say you have to keep juggling to stay afloat during Year 11. Here are my top three tips to reduce your workload… and your stress!

  1. Need to know HUNDREDS of quotes of literature? Choose carefully, Padawan! I mean, really think about the themes a quote could cover and the number of questions it could be used to answer. The more quotes you have that cover multiple themes and issues, the fewer you need to learn in total.
  2. Trying to learn a passage of text in a foreign language? Break it up into 1/2 paragraphs. Work out how long you’ve got to learn it all. Then (here comes some maths…) work out how long you should spend learning each 1/2 paragraph to know the entire piece in time. For example, a passage may have 6 paragraphs. You have 12 weeks before your speaking exam. You therefore can spend a week on each half of a paragraph. (Lucky you!) Make sure to date each 1/2 paragraph and stick to this schedule. You can’t go wrong!
  3. Are you just lost when it comes to learning facts in any subject? Stop. No amount of aimless self-pity and procrastination is going to help. Set yourself mini goals to get yourself motivated e.g. a topic per week. Get someone else to set you short tests at points during the week and highlight key information. That’s the hardest part – making your notes concise to maximise revision. Be ruthless. Not all the information in a textbook is gold!

Good Luck, guys, and happy revising! Let me know how your doing or if you need any advice about anything at all!                                                                – The Clever Owl xx


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