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How to Survive Exams…

 – Part Uno – 

Where to start? That’s the hardest thing to do when it comes to revision… getting started. But no worries, we have all been there. Why not start with getting yourself sorted and mentally prepared for the marathon – that is revision – that’s about to begin?!?

  1. Get your folders in order. A wise teacher once told me that you should have everything organised and filed away from the word “GO” and simply maintain it. Think about it: all that time precious revision time you would waste filing a year’s worth of work. It’s not worth it. Trust me.
  2. Purchase a colourful array of pens. Taking a pride in your revision means your more likely to look at it (rather than scrunching it into a ball and hurling it at force into a corner).
  3. Source your material. Get any textbooks you’re after a) on your wishlist or b) on order. Scour the internet for trusty revision sources, the majority of which are FREE (such as your resident trusty owl, *wink wink*)
  4. Get your calender in order and your brain in gear. No exceptions. Mark a date in your diary as the day you begin revising… and stick to it. No-one gains anything from putting the inevitable off! The earlier you start, the easier it’ll become.

Part Deux is on its way.

Let me know how your revision marathon is going! – The Clever Owl


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