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Making Christmas Easy!

Dear Reader,

I haven’t posted anything for a while now, and for that I am sorry. Starting college has proved far more of a testing task than I thought it would! (More on that in future posts). I am now on holiday, so I’m using my time to compensate for the lack of posts these last couple of months.

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – I wish you all the best for 2017!                                                                             – Love, The Clever Owl xx

Trust me – they look better in real life than in this photo!

Now, we all know that Christmas can be a testing time. Whether it’s sourcing those
awkward people’s pressies or trying to schedule a grand tour of Britain to see all family members, sometimes we’ve just had enough. This year, I’ve picked up a couple of tricks to help ease this time off festive madness.

This year, rather than sit down, procrastinate and spend excessive amount on friends I’ve only just made, I gave everyone a homemade cookie pack. After college this week, I would bake an item of biscuit per night. That way, by Thursday I had 100 biscuits of four varieties for everyone. For optimum pack size, make about six biscuits per person. Wrap it all up in cellophane, finish with some ribbon and a candy cane, and you have the perfect present for everyone. Job done!

Alternatively, you aren’t a great baker. I get it – I burnt a batch of gingerbread once and smoked the house out (not good!). But, you want a thoughtful but cheap present adaptable to many people. I present… the inspiration jar! Simply get a jam jar, choose a theme that your friend likes and fill it with quotes about that theme. I received this gift this year, and was delighted; it was science themed, filled with quotes like “Always think positive. Like a proton” and space themed chocolate eg Mars, Galaxy or Milky Way. As a student, the price of the gift is irrelevant – it is the thought that counts. The perfect gift for those on a budget!

My last advice isn’t a gift idea. It’s a principle. Something my family realised this year is that we all only have so many Christmases. They shouldn’t be wasted trecking the country or stressing over what to buy people. Be fair, but be brutal. It’s always best to remember that communication is a two way thing; in the majority of cases relatives are just as able to come and see you as you are to them. If your Christmas is a time of stress, car journeys and awkward conversations, I say to you this: Let yourself have a nice Christmas for a change. I don’t normally encourage selfishness, but get Christmas right for you first. You only get one Christmas a year!


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