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Starting Afresh

We are coming to the end of the first academic term, to the end of using “I’m new” as an excuse for anything. Whether you’re starting high school or heading off to Uni, starting from scratch again is a daunting and stressful time. So here are some tips I’ve been using to tackling starting at college this term. I hope they help!!!

  • Break the ice as soon as. The longer you wait to say hi to someone you sit next to, the more tension tends to build. You don’t have to speak a five minute prose to them, or recount your life’s ambitions and failures. A simple “Hiya” works wonders.
  • “Everyone’s just as scared as you”. If I had a pound for every time someone has said that… But it’s true in a certain sense – newbies are all in the same boat. Even if they are excited and you are petrified, they know their way around and you are still finding the bathroom, or even they are trained in Fencing and you just stick to football – everyone is starting new. Not knowing how to act or what to do doesn’t make you the odd one out.
  • Oh, and never be afraid to ask after the loos. I famously never asked where I could find the toilets in my first week of high school and didn’t go for the next three!!! That was certainly not a bad question to ask – Oops!!!
  • Purchase a pack of polo’s. This is my secret tactic. Offer a polo to the person you want to engage in conversation with. Giving something as small as a polo is a humble gesture of kindness in itself, but also gives people a starting ground to make conversation with you. Showing that your friendly fire is a good way to make an impression and starts you off on the correct foot.
  • Engage in friendship making in ALL of your classes. You may breath a sigh of relief after making a friend, but they are probably only in one of your classes. Even if they are in more, a range of people gives you a broad spread of allies and adventure for the years ahead!
  • Keep being open. No one needs to lie to make friends. In fact,Β  if you have to lie to someone for them to notice you or accept you, then they are not the right friend for you.

Good Luck, The Clever Owl xxx


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