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10 Reasons to Become Veggie!

I know, bear with me! I promise that I will try not to go off on a rant. But more and more often people are bewildered, disgusted and completely uninterested in why on earth I don’t eat meat. Why? WHY!

Here are ten reasons why I’m a vegetarian. Maybe one of them is a reason for you to consider a more plant-based diet….

  1. My top reason has to be the environment. We are currently gripped in a struggle to save our planet. We change our energy consumption habits, we try to avoid using the car too often, we look into solar energy and smart meters and grey water tanks. But probably the simplest way to ensure less greenhouse emissions are pumped into the atmosphere is by eating less meat. Think about it – whether its keeping the livestock warm in their barn or cooking a joint for two hours as part of a slow roast, we consume fossil fuels just by dreaming of a Big Mac (slight exaggeration!). By eating less meat, we are consuming less fossil fuels!
  2. Everyone is taught this principle at school – eating meat (especially red meat) isn’t good for you. In a contest between a burger or some salad, the winner is too often lacking in veg. Its no good for your heart. Or your kidneys. Or your skin. Or your joints. Whether its acne or cancer, studies have proven that your meat consumption can be a factor of bad health.
  3. Probably the most well-known reason for becoming veggie is animal welfare. No, we are not all hippies. But a person’s morals tend to be key to whether or not to eat meat. I’m not saying that all meat is bad and all animals are mistreated. In fact, I love the fact that I can safely rely on my free range eggs to know that those chickens are having a good life, as they should. Same principle for free range meat. I find its easier to not endorse factory farming and animal mistreatment by just not eating meat. Nobody can say, “Well it tastes the same…”
  4. Its not rocket science that eating less red meat reduces your cholesterol levels. Veggies tend to have lower cholesterol levels than other people. So long as they don’t eat too much cheese!
  5. Did you know that it takes 25 gallons of water to grow 1 pound of wheat? Did you also know it takes 2500 gallons of water to rear the same pound but in meat? When droughts are becoming regular occurrences in parts of the world, it seems like a no-brainer!
  6. A more recent reason to become veggie is the ever-increasing amount of chemicals and drugs getting into food chains. The pressures of rearing livestock are escalating, so much so farmers are afraid to lose any to disease and risk economic dangers. So more drugs are given and more chemicals are sprayed so less livestock are at risk. But what about our risk? Its all ok in small quantities but when you eat meat regularly, surely the amount of chemicals in your body are going to stockpile. Then what about your health?
  7. For those worried about drastic changes to living, hold that thought. Because its surprising how much food we consume each day that is actually vegetarian friendly. For example, many meaty pot noodles and other instant noodles actually don’t contain any meat. You can still eat crisps, chocolate, sandwiches, pasta, etc etc. All it takes is a look at the back of the packaging!
  8. Alternatively, you can make your own meals like Spaghetti Bolognese or Risotto, and substitute the meat out. Yes, it may seem obvious, but many are scared away from meat alternatives. Why? Don’t ask me. You don’t even have to be veggie to eat meat free. Why not try a meat alternative for one meal a week? (Like Tesco) Every little helps!
  9. A major issue of our time is sustainable living. Earth is becoming overpopulated, we are running out of resources, we are running out of land, blah blah blah. I take an interest in world issues, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes the list of problems seems never-ending and unsolvable. But here goes one solution. Eat less meat, use less fuel, use less space. In just one acre of land, 20,000 pounds of potato can be grown but only 165 pounds of meat can be reared. So the solution to our major population problem is simple – eat less meat.
  10. This may seem like a trivial reason to change your lifestyle, but the fact that numerous celebs are vegetarian can be tempting to ditch the meat. People like Chris Martin, Morrisey, Joanna Lumley, Leona Lewis, Alexa Chung are but a few of a vast number of celeb veggies. So whether your after the lifestyle of your favourite model or the morals of an activist who inspires you, it is always worth a look on the internet to see if your icons of fame have ditched the burger. Its sometimes nice to know your not the only one taking a stand in society…

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