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Me Before You

Now I haven’t blogged for while, so why shouldn’t my first post in a long time be about a sensational romance?

Written by Jojo Moyes, many have only learnt about the book after its film adaptation – released last week – came to the big screen. I’ll admit, I only decided to read ‘Me Before You’ after weeks of endless excitement from my best friend (a fellow avid book-reader and romanticist). So I purchased the novel, read it over the half term and wept for a couple of days after.

The story revolves around busy-bee and overall optimist Louisa Clarke, who finds her small world come crumbling down around her when she looses her job at a local cafe. In an attempt to pull her life back, she accepts a job working as a daytime carer for a paraplegic. She doesn’t realise she’ll be working for Will Traynor, city-boy and free-spirited soul. She isn’t ready for him to make Louisa’s life a misery to compensate for his living-hell. She doesn’t know how Will will soon turn her small world upside down!

Its hard not to smile as the pair’s relationship blossoms, especially whilst Lou attempts to cheer up Will’s dampened and miserable life (emphasis on attempts!). As a reader, you’re strapped in to Lou’s emotional roller coaster; the joys of small success, like Louisa making Will smile, suddenly twists into the raw exhaustion and fear as the true complications of being paraplegic emerge. But the novel isn’t depressing. Far from it, in fact. The novel brings light and hope to an otherwise saddening situation: being trapped from living life.

If there is one thing everyone should learn from ‘Me Before You’, it is simply that – don’t avoid living life.

Especially in today’s world, its easy to become caught up in the minute and highly unimportant things, make them out to be life-changing, and waste time worrying about them. Its books like Moyes’ that remind us how fragile life is and how easy it is to slip into mainstream life, forgetting the world surrounding us.

So read the book/watch the film or both, reevaluate your life, then live life fully to the tune of the film’s soundtrack (which is also beautiful and highly recommended!). I know I am.

5 Stars – The Clever Owl


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