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My Top 10 Sun Facts

After recently visiting Kielder Observatory whilst on holiday, I’ve renewed my interest for our nearest star, The Sun. So here’s a quick ‘Top Ten’ facts I know about the Sun:

1)The Sun is 1,400,000 kilometers wide. That is 100 times larger than the diameter of our own planet, Earth…

2)  …This means that Earth can fit inside the Sun over a million times!

3) The Sun releases 400 million million million million Watts of power each second (the equivalent of the power used by the USA per year x 1,000,000) though the process of Nuclear Fusion*!

4) The energy released from the Sun’s core takes an estimated  20,000 years to travel to its surface…

5) …and takes a further 8.4 seconds to travel 150,000,000 kilometers to reach us, Earth!

6) The temperature of the Sun’s centre is 10,000,000,000 degrees Celsius, the same temperatures that scientists estimate we experienced only a second after the Big Bang!

7) The Sun was created 9 billion years after the Big Bang, only 0.72 billion years before the Earth was created!

8) The Sun’s core is actually 150 times denser than water, surprisingly!

9) The Sun is currently a Main Sequence Star, meaning the Sun is in it’s ‘middle-aged’ stage of its life!

10) Through the process of nuclear fusion, the Sun is creating elements from The Periodic Table of Elements up to Lead (everything ‘heavier’ can be created in a supernova, the death of a star)!

*See ‘Why Does The Sun Shine?’ to understand Nuclear Fusion. Coming Soon!


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