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The Bunker Diary

Kevin Brooks’ works are not books I tend to read, but when I picked up ‘The Bunker Diary’ at a Bring & Buy sale, the mystery was all too much! The blurb is as follows:

I can’t believe I fell for it. It was still dark when I woke up this morning. As soon as my eyes opened I knew where I was. A low-ceilinged rectangular building made entirely of whitewashed concrete. There are six little rooms along the main corridor. There are no windows. No doors. The lift is the only way in or out. What’s he going to do to me? What am I going to do? If I’m right, the lift will come down in five minutes. It did. Only this time, it wasn’t empty….

The book took me a week to read, which is very speedy for me. It is so GRIPPING!!! The tension Brooks builds through the book keeps you baited for breath and sat at the edge of your seat. It is mysterious and atmospheric – a brilliant, thrilling mystery.

However, it becomes hard to read towards the end. It’s not necessarily hard to understand the language, it’s just a hard-hitting plot. Emotionally, by the end of the book you have been up and down, loop-the-loop, and in reverse: an emotional roller coaster. ‘The Bunker Diary’ is not for the sensitive, as it is dark in the morals and ideas it questions.

The biggest thing for me – as a keen dramatist and writer – is the character ‘Him’. (Yes, that really is what he is referred as, since his real name is unknown) Maybe its the uncertainty of his nature, or the overwhelming power He has over Linus and the inmates. Think Big Brother, only 100 times darker.

Rating: ***   (3/5)


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  1. I just checked out your blog after reading you’re incredibly written post and I couldn’t help but press follow straight away because your blog is truly both amazing and beautiful! I am so happy I came across it (:
    I love it so much, as I am sure you can tell! So please keep writing so I can keep reading! Can’t wait to read more from you (:

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