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Eastnor Castle, Ledbury

Eastnor CastleWhat a stunning place to be! The castle, situated within 5000 acres of land in the Malvern Hills, shares similarities with the castles within Disney films. The fairy tale castle is open to the public, with each room lavishly furnished and brimming with history and decadence. I had originally gone there to camp within their Deer Park campsite, but since it was the Vintage Fair that weekend and the Deer Park was already occupied by a convention, I ended up staying on Goldhill Farm. By camping within their premises, I was given half price off admission to the castle and grounds. What a brilliant day out it is for all of the family!

Currently, the family still live within the castle, popping out whenever they want to venture in their lands. I was fortunate enough to see James Henry Bathurst at the Vintage Fair, tending to the clearing away of fencing at the end and moving his 100 year old steam engine out of the courtyard. Brief glimpses into others lives makes you remember that we are all human, as I would have – and did – easily pass the gentlemen without a thought at who it was.

If you are over in the Worcester area, or want a different holiday experience within the UK, I would highly recommend stopping over at Eastnor. Camping, caravanning or hiring a cottage, there is lots to do there, including the local pottery for a rainy day activity! (I never had the chance to visit, but it seems rather good from the leaflet)


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