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Divergent (book)

How would you react when told you’re something that you haven’t got a clue about? What if the only thing you knew about this ‘something’ was that it is dangerous? It seems like a realistic situation, especially if the ‘something’ was a disease you have been diagnosed with, but that is not the situation of our leading lady Beatrice in ‘Divergent’.

The story starts as Beatrice is on the brink of a decision that will have detrimental effects on her life and those she loves. See The Choosing Ceremony as a sort of Graduation, only more shocking and testing, less celebratory. The choice Beatrice makes shocks her and everyone she knows.

The book is based around Beatrice – now known as Tris – undergoing an initiation process in her new faction in which she makes friends, enemies and lovers. On every page, danger lurks  for Tris. She has a secret that both threatens to destroy her and protects the ones she loves. But some things she cannot ignore.

I really like this book and I was hooked on every page. Also, it is nice to see where story and real life link; the prejudice against certain factions can be related to the prejudice against certain people in the world because of their colour, race, personality traits or family. The only bad thing about Divergent is how gripping it is. I had finished reading it within two weeks (a quick read for me!), as I was reading it in any free time that I had.                                              10/10 rating




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